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Infectious Diseases and Translational Medicine
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Infect. Dis. Transl. Med.

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      About the journal
Infectious Diseases and Translational Medicine (IDTM) is published by International Biological and Medical Journals Publishing House Co., Limited. IDTM is an open-access, double-blinded, and peer-reviewed journal with online publication in both PDF and HTML formats. IDTM devotes to basic, applied research and translational research of infectious diseases, including diagnostics, therapeutics and preventive countermeasures, as well as the related basic research focusing on genomics, proteomics and other omics-driven research for revealing evolution, pathogenesis and epidemiology etc.

      Criteria for publication
IDTM receives many more submissions than it can publish. It is therefore important that manuscripts are critically evaluated for compliance with the following criteria:
·         strong evidence for the conclusions that are drawn
·         novelty
·         broad biological significance
·         importance to the specific field
·         Basic research with strong translational target

      The review process
All submitted manuscripts will be assessed by the editor(s) for suitability for the review process. Only the manuscripts considered most likely to meet our editorial criteria are sent out for formal review.
Manuscripts that are sent for formal review typically go to 2 referees. Based on their advice, the editor decides to:
·         accept the manuscript, with or without minor revision
·         invite the authors to revise the manuscript to address specific concerns before a final decision is reached
·         reject the manuscript with resubmission invitation as a new paper once new evidences are provided to support the conclusion of the paper.
·         reject the manuscript if the paper is regarded as lack of novelty, insufficient conceptual advance or major technical and/or interpretational problems.
Please consider the following aspects when reviewing a manuscript:
·         Significance to the target scientific community
·         Originality
·         Appropriateness of the approach or experimental design
·         Appropriateness of the statistical analyses
·         Adherence to correct scientific nomenclature
·         Appropriate literature citations
·         Adequacy of experimental techniques
·         Soundness of conclusions and interpretation
·         Relevance of discussion
·         Organization
·         Adherence to the Instructions to Authors
·         Adequacy of title and abstract
·         Appropriateness of figures and tables
·         Appropriateness of supplemental material intended for posting (if applicable)
·         Length
·         Whether it describes misuse of microbial systems or the information derived therefrom.T
The ideal report should include:
·         an initial paragraph that summarises the major findings and the referee's overall impressions, as well as highlighting major shortcomings of the manuscript.

·         specific numbered comments, which may be broken down into major and minor concerns.

      Receiving a manuscript and writing an evaluation report
To avoid unnecessary delays in processing manuscripts, please do the following immediately upon receipt of a manuscript for review:
·         Please response to the invitation by accepting it or rejecting it. If you are not available, please recommend potential qualified reviewers.
·         Please skim the manuscript and evaluate the conflict of interest for you in all aspects, including the authors, their institution, their funding sources.
·         Please consider the topic’s suitability to the scope of the journal.
·         Please give your evaluation report according to the aspects mentioned above.

Referees should treat the review process as being strictly confidential, and should keep in mind that that referees should not discuss with anyone who is not directly involved in the review process.

IDTM is committed to rapid editorial decisions and publication. Evaluation report is required to be submitted within two weeks. If the referees accept our invitation and anticipated a significant delay in submission of the report, please inform the editorial office in time. 

      Conflicts of interest
To avoid the biased comments in the evaluation process, the referees should reject the reviewing invitation if you have collaboration with the authors in recent 3 years, have helped them to revise the manuscript, have financial interest in the outcome, have direct competition or have a history of dispute with the authors.

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